Jay and Madeline

One of my goals for my business this year was to get back into blogging. I love photographing people's stories and I want to share them, danggit! My session yesterday with Jay and Madeline seem like the perfect one to begin this new habit with.

Madeline approached me about doing a session with her husband Jay about a month ago. It would be a gift to Jay, for his birthday. Insert about forty heart emojis here. Jay is all about adventure, being outside, and loves photography. I was giddy. Madeline described Jay as the gas and herself as the brakes in their relationship. Please, that lady is a spunky one, I promise. So there we were, piling into my car at 6:00am and heading out to catch the sunrise. We met in a parking lot and it was still dark. Jay and Madeline climbed on in and Madeline got to enjoy my seat warmer (cause holy smokes, it was chilly). We drove the back roads of Columbia in the dark, but those thirty minutes gave me a chance to get to know Jay better. I haven't made him a BFF bracelet, but it's in the works.

We got to the lake and as soon as I saw Jay and Madeline interacting together, I knew I was in for a treat. They have known each other since they were BABIES. Like, actual infants. Their love story is Oscar worthy and the way they act together backs it up. It's so refreshing being around a pair who know each other so intimately, yet invite you in and make you feel at home. But before I share some of my favorite images from our session I wanted to first share a handful of my reasons for favoring morning shoots over evening ones.

- First its a personal preference. I love mornings. I'm excited about mornings. I love greeting the day. It's especially fun doing shoots with other people who are up for an adventure. There's a special feeling that comes watching the sun rise. Like you're sharing a secret that the rest of the world is still asleep for.

- Another reason is light. The light is often so so so gorgeous in the morning. Shooting in the direct light isn't as much of a challenge, you can still get that golden hour look that many couples crave, and there is a softness that is unlike anytime of the day. Plus if you're going for fog/mist you're waaaay more likely to find it in those sweet early hours.

- Freshness. This one is for both me and clients. Morning shoots are the first event of the day. Fresh clothes, fresh hair/make up, but most importantly- fresh spirit. The day hasn't taken a toll on you yet, and you're getting to start your day off with beauty. What better way to go?

- The early bird gets the worm. Now I know this isn't across the board, but generally speaking, some of the best locations are deserted in those early hours of the morning. Lakes, rivers, and trails that may fill up later in the day are often much quieter in the morning. If solitude is what you are going for, AM is the way to go.

Now don't get me wrong. Evenings have some major benefits. If you aren't a morning person, if you are crazy about those gorgeous sunsets, scheduling, locations, and dozens of others reasons add up to evenings being the best time for a shoot. All I'm saying is don't rule out waking with the birds and starting your day off in front of (or behind) the camera.

Without further ado, enjoy some of my favorite images from these two lovers.

Aren't they babes? I seriously can't get enough of these two. Did these inspire you to set your alarm for 5:00am to create some gorgeous images? Lets talk! contact@stephanieraesc.com

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