Lora and Luke, back to the beginning

Whenever a client comes to me and we begin the process of collaboration, my first goal is figuring out how I can best step into their story. Location matters so much to me for this reason. Sometimes couples come to me with ideas and locations. Other times, they turn to me to find the perfect spot. When Lora contacted me a few months ago we started chatting about ideas and the feel they were hoping to capture through this session. Lake Monticello immediately came to mind. When I suggested this location Lora revealed to me that this is the very spot that Luke got down on his knee and asked Lora to spend forever as his wife. When I heard this news I immediately got chills. I love when these serendipitous moments come around, and what I love even more is when I get to be a part of these moments.

The session with Lora and Luke was comfortable, the sunset was perfect, and their love was so incredibly evident toward each other. This session was just a brief glace into their story. A fleeting moment in the grand scheme of things. But boy, the joy and love that came from this fleeting moment is the type of joy and love that is needed to fuel a marriage and write a love story that will last a lifetime.

There is something so unique and special about hearing these stories, standing with this couple and hearing about how their love unfolded and grew. These two are going places, together, and these photos are just a glimpse of that.

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