Ty, Chris, and the importance of inclusivity

Late last fall, as I was preparing to move into business full time, I went through a time of evaluation. During this time, I spent hours thinking through what I wanted my business to be known for. I had a lot of desires, and had to take an honest look at whether of not my intentions were being communicated. My heart for many years now has been one of inclusivity, specifically for the LGBTQA+ community. I believe and affirm a persons right to love whomever they are drawn to. To me, the important thing when it comes to relationships is the health, kindness, and love in a relationship regardless of sex or gender.

I want a person to be able to visit my website and see themselves represented well. I want to be able to celebrate love in all forms. So last Fall I put out an opportunity to to work with a couple in the LGBTQA+ community. Ty and Chris were the couple I chose to work with and I am SO glad I did. We woke up early and got to the lake right as the mist began to roll off of it. They told me their love story, and it was beautiful. We talked about the importance of visibility and inclusiveness, and our role in that. They brought along the trans, pans, and gay pride flags and we got to celebrate the love they share. Guys, my heart is overflowing as I show you these images and share this story. Love is love, and all love is worth celebrating.

Wanna talk more about creating a session that represents you well? I can't wait to chat! Shoot me an email at contact@stephanieraesc.com

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